Whitney Brothers is the original pioneer of wood furniture for children in learning environments. Based out of Keene, NH, Whitney Brothers continues their long tradition of building excellent, safe, and engaging furniture for young children.

The Whitney Brothers Story

Whitney Brothers® was founded in 1904 as a producer of wooden toys in a sawmill powered by the Minnewawa River in Marlborough, NH.  Soon afterward, venerable FAO Schwarz became one of their first commercial retailers.


Many years later, the brand correctly spotted the opportunity to invent and pioneer the commercial distribution of wood furniture for Early Learning and Institutional Childcare environments, markets in which they operate in to this day.


While much has changed over 117 years of the brand's rich history, their sole focus has endured:  To create products of the highest quality that delight and inspire children to learn.


To learn more about Whitney Brothers, check out their company video below.


Sustainability Practices in their Own Words


We select wood suppliers whose responsible forestry management plans (FSCPEFC) align with our goal to utilize the environment in a sustainable, responsible, low impact manner. This philosophy supports our mission to design and manufacture innovative, safe and durable products for children that we proudly make in America, are GREENGUARD™ Gold Certified for indoor air quality and supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.



We apply a non-toxic, non-yellowing, durable ultra violet (UV) finish on our products that does not release harmful solvents into the atmosphere during the curing and drying process, unlike water-based finishes. We apply our UV finish using an automated roll coater process that achieves a remarkable 99.99% transfer efficiency and virtually eliminates any dispersion of UV finish into the atmosphere.

Wood Scrap

Our state of the art CNC automated machinery and optimized manufacturing processes produce maximum yield from wood stock with exceptionally little waste. We collect and donate any wood waste to local organizations that repurpose the material for their own use.

Packaging for Shipment

We use an innovative cardboard box making machine that eliminates cardboard scrap and helps prevent shipping damage to packaged items. Envision a giant origami machine that receives product dimensions via network connection to configure a cardboard shipping box for each product that comes off the production line. This process enables us to produce packaging “on demand” and virtually eliminates cardboard waste.

Electronic Data vs. Paper

We are a certified lean organization. Our entire factory is connected electronically through an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that provides 100% visibility and access to the entire manufacturing process – from ‘upfront’ design in CAD; through CNC, finishing and assembly processes; to shipping. Over 90% of our customer communications (orders, freight quotes, invoicing, etc.) are received and transmitted electronically, eliminating the use of paper.

California Proposition 65 [Cal Prop 65]

All products manufactured by Whitney Brothers® participate in an ongoing 3rd Party Laboratory Testing Program that tests for compliance to Cal Prop 65. Therefore, none of the products manufactured by Whitney Brothers® are required to include a Cal Prop 65 warning label.